February Promo - Like Never Before!

ROOM TYPE : Family Villa (also known as Canary Palm Villa)

- 2 rooms, with a spacious lounge 
- can easily fit 4 adults, plus a few children

Check In : 13th Feb 2015
  Check Out : 15th Feb 2015

Agoda's Price :  RM 1,311.21 + tax RM 209.79 = RM 1,521/night
 Family Villa for TWO NIGHTS will cost you RM 3,042 (without breakfast)

OUR PRICE : RM700 nett/night
 Family Villa for TWO NIGHTS is RM 1400 (without breakfast)

To secure booking:

Please provide the following information:-

a) Date of Check-in

b) Full Name
c) I.C. No.
d) Handphone No.

*you may request breakfast at a normal breakfast buffet price - ask us how


View of the Room:

Email us at goldenpalmspringdiscounts@gmail.com today!

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