How the booking work

So these are the simple steps to get yourself a night stay at the resort!

1. E-mail your request to
Make sure you include these details : Type of Room, Date, Number of Rooms and Number of Nights.

2. We will check with the resort and let you know of the availability within 24 hours

3. If you agree, bank in the payments to our CIMB account and inform us

4. We will send you the confirmation letter with your name to your email promptly

5. Simply print it to be handed over upon checking in. Done!

This is how the confirmation letter looks like!

Please take note:

1. Breakfast is not included in the RM 350 offer.

However, using the club member privilege, you get 20% discount off breakfast buffet, to be purchased at the Bila-Bila restaurant (that will be about RM 30+/person).
Feast yourself with this grand serving of breakfast buffet at Bila-Bila Restaurant, by the pool side.

Or, you can opt for a nice breeeezy breakfast at one of the kampung stalls by the beach (highly recommended, will blog about 'breakfast' soon) Cheap, you can eat to your hearts content, all the while enjoying the beautiful ambiance of the sea breeze.

2. You can choose any date, including weekends and public holidays, for any number of rooms.

3. Booking of 2 weeks prior to stay is advised.

That's it!

It will be the getaway you will remember for the longest of time...

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