Of Breakfast and Dining Experience

As said in the previous post, our offer here does not include breakfast at the resort (you may still opt for the buffet breakfast at an additional cost of RM 20++/person). Hence let me enlighten you with some breakfast options.

As usual a buggy will take you from your room to the lobby, and another van will ferry you out of the resort. Walking down the beach, you will come across a few kampung stalls, still the best kind of eating place there are! Here, enjoy a filling plate of nasi lemak with teh tarik, with the wind blowing gently on your face. 

My favourite stall

And afterwards, a walk on the beach.

Or maybe even a splash.

You will also come across these stalls by the roadside which will surely thrill your little ones!

Yay love this!

Back at the hotel when it's time for LUNCH!

It is highly recommended that you try out this Cafe, just beside the entrance to the Lobby. There are actually 7 Cafes at Golden Palm Tree, each with its own theme, but this Cafe offers the best Lunch/Dinner set - at a super affordable price, yet not compromising on the quality.

Presenting Sepoi-Sepoi Cafe!

Themed Traditional Malaysia-Chinese Coffee Shop, it offers a wide range of Malaysian Cuisine.
You can also opt to dine outside facing the beach.

Chicken RIce, Nasi Lemak, and Claypot Chicken

Priced from as low as RM 18 per serving, you can enjoy an exclusive dining experiencing without burning a hole in your pocket! Do google this cafe and you will find a lot of good reviews. And, as a club member privilege, you'll get 30% off the total bill!

That Special Dinner

Dinner offers a variety of choices.

1. Either stick to Sepoi-Sepoi Cafe, to experience good hot food in the chilly night air, or..

2. The infamous Bagan Lalang Ikan Bakar! (this deserve an entry on its own, with the vast choices of Ikan Bakar Stalls in Bagan Lalang! Please Google)

Just to present a few

3. Steamboat at Stimboat Restaurant, Golden Palm Tree
Good review too by those who loves steamboat! Again, 30% discount from total bill.

4. Perahu Restaurant, Golden Palm Tree

This is an exclusive restaurant, perfect for honeymooners. A bit pricey, but a perfect romantic setting.

Don't worry about your dining experience, for surely each will be special on its own!

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