Room Options and July Promo

So I was asked about the difference in the rooms that we offer, whether it is recommended to take one unit of Canary Palm Villa or to opt for two units of Premier Traveller Palm Villa instead. This is of course for those travelling in a group of four or more. 

Hence let me present to you the beauty of both, and you can chose one that suits you best.

Canary Palm Villa

A spacious two bedroom villa, alang-alang roofted (very nice smelling coz its made of an expensive grass from Japan), fully aircond of course.

One is the master bedroom, with its own balcony, and a spacious bathroom with a bath tub!

Picture showing the master bedroom and the adjoining lounge (can be separated by a sliding door) :

The bathroom attached to the master bedroom:

The second room, with its own bathroom:

The adjoining balcony:

Its definitely a wonderful treat for you and your extended family!

Premier Traveller Palm Villa

A super spacious one bedroom villa, alang-alang roofted, also fully aircond.

A really romantic setting, these pictures just doesn't do it justice.

Children loves it when you bring down the curtains and turn it into a tent-like bed!
Fluffy pillows!
A cute window seat big enough for a bed.

Illustration but it looks pretty much like this

 You can opt to pull the curtain close.. for a dark romantic setting. 

The serene balcony.

 The bathroom with its open window - no worries, there is a blind!

Your room will definitely be one cosy sanctuary only for you and your loved ones!

July Promo - Get a FREE voucher worth RM50 to be spent at any of the cafe at Golden Palm Tree! We have 5 vouchers to be given away this month, so first come first serve. Do ask us about it when you book the room!

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