Activities at Golden Palm Tree

I would like to write a bit on the fun activities you can enjoy at the Golden Palm Tree resort, some free, some at a club member discount!

FREE activities for Resort guests:


1. Swimming at the private beach (Smiley Beach)

Families with little children will find this private space perfect for a dip and sand castles, be it in the morning or late evening. Clean, private, and a magnificent view of the sea and resort.  Or simply lie down on the beach chairs which awaits you!

2. Kids Club House

Got to love this! A play house for children, loaded with toys and books to amuse your little one, equipped with a baby sitter. Meant as a place to takeover the parenting duty for a while while the parents enjoy themselves. This getaway can still be a romantic one, yet no one is left behind!

That's the nanny!

3. Gym/Infinity Pool

Gym on water
Relaxing by the Infinity Pool

Seats surrounding the pool
4. Biking around the resort

Bicycles can be borrowed FOC, equipped with helmets, for an exciting journey around the resort, be it by the beach or into the village along the sea. And exciting group activity!

5. Beach soccer/beach volley

A great activity for a group getaway!


1. Canoe/Kayak

A favourite with the resort's guests, the low tide and calm waters of Bagan Lalang beach makes it a super fun family activity.

2. Sailing

Not as difficult as it look, its a suitable activity for couples or families. Don't worry if it's your first, as they have experienced trainers to assist you!

It's his first and he enjoyed it!

3. Jet-Ski

For those who enjoy extreme water sports

4. Windsurfing, Speed Sailing

Speed sailing

5. Stand Up Paddle

And all that for free!

DISCOUNTED RATE for Club Member:


Just outside the entrance of the Resort, is the Extreme Park of Golden Palm Tree. And there is a special price for you as a guest of a club member.

Paintball, ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), Archery, Go Cart.

From left : Archery, Go Cart, ATV, Paintball War Game

Paintball War Game

For each of the game, the fee is RM 10- RM 20 per game. All four game will cost you about RM 55-RM 60.
But using a club member privilege, you can purchase a package of ALL 4 games at ONLY RM 35.00 nett.

No worries letting them know you are a member, it's already in their system!
How's that for an exciting holiday!

Pictures : some credited to sponsored travel blogger Thank you!